A Salty Dog [Brooker, Reid]

de Boni  [Brazil]

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de Boni all instruments and voice

LdeB: I tried to do something different with A Salty Dog, specially about the drums part, because it's almost impossible to do something better than BJ Wilson did in this song ... so I didn't really dare to do any drums at all ... I think that I really got something to say only with the orchestral part of it ... and the song itself is wonderful!"

Peavey 1600 series 32x16 Console / Recorded in Alesis A-DAT format - 16 bits
Bounced to ProTools 5.1 / Mastered with Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 4.5 software
Yamaha NS10-M Near Field Studio Monitoring / Peavey International 115 Far Field Studio Monitoring
Lexicon LXP-5 and Yamaha REV 7 multi-efx dbx 160X compressors
Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2 / BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
Voice Mic: AudioTechnica ATM 4033, with ART Tube PreAmp
Drums Mics: Peavey 408 (Hi Hat) / AKG D112 (Bass Drum) / Shure SM58 (Snare Drum) / ElectroVoice EV308 (Toms) / CAD CC (Cymbals)

Korg X5 PCM Synthesizer
Peavey DPM Sampler / PCM Synth
Peavey SP Sample Playback Module
Roland S-50 Sampler

Roland Jupiter 6 Analog Synth
Roland JX-8P Analog Synth
Yamaha TG33 Sound Module
See illustration!

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