New Lamps for Old [Brooker, Reid]

Dr Hip and the Replacements  [UK / AUS]

Stephen 'Doc' Wallace voice

Elleanore Wallace voice

Dave Knight lead guitar

Roland Clare piano, organ, bass, acoustic guitar (pictured)

It truly was 'the end of the evening' when Roland sat down with some scribbled chords and played the piano part for this waltz-time New Lamps. On to that single take were grafted various quick overdubs, which Dave and Roland left with the 'Doc' and Elly for vocals and mixing. This is how the song came through the mail a few days later.

Bass guitar: Aria Pro II
Guitar: Strat re-issue through Orange AD15, recorded with PZM
Acoustic guitar: Baby Taylor 301 GB
Processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro,
Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression

Piano: Roland RD 600
Organ: Nord Electro 61
Mixer: Phonic MM1805X
Vocal mic: Rode NT1
Recorded on Roland VS880

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