Cerdes (Outside the Gates of) [Brooker, Reid]

Route 66  [Denmark]

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Claes Johansen guitar
Kasper Johansen bass
Mons Olesen drums

CJ: this 'Cerdes jam' is from 1983. I have always found it amazing just how strong the R&B influences are on the first Procol Harum LP compared with the hit singles. Since Route 66 were an R&B trio we thought it would be fun to try our hand(s) at Cerdes (Outside the Gates of) since it is based on such a strong R&B riff. We probably only ever played it that one day, and recorded it on my Sony Professional Walkman, which I also used for interviews at the time. Since the Route 66 LP doesn't have much solo guitar it is nice to see this one released.

I have later tried to overdub a vocal, but really the track sounds best as it is. I think overdubbing a vocal kills the energy and besides I don't believe anyone but Gary Brooker can really sing this song.


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